Ultimate free resources for housewarming party invitation cards

Would you like to send your friends and family a housewarming party invitation card, or maybe you’re just moving and need some cards to send out? whichever the case may be, we’ve got you covered! Our range of housewarming party invitations and moving cards are both fun and stylish, perfect for any occasion. Plus, they’re easy to customize to fit your specific needs. So whether you’re sending out invitations for a big party or just want some little encouragement along the way, our cards are sure to hit the mark.

Resources for free Housewarming party Invitation Card

Resources for free Housewarming party Invitation Card Templates. Want to save some time, explore what you can do with the incredible Housewarming party Invitation Card Templates. With so many graphics found on our gallery of free resources for generating invitations (and other printed materials), it is simply a matter of finding one that fits your chosen design requirements.

A friend asked me if I knew of any resources for free housewarming party invitation card that she could just print out. After scouring the internet I couldn’t find anything that was free or her style. So I couldn’t resist making one for her using my beloved Picnik. For now I just have a graphic that I would love to share with you. Go ahead and right click and save to your computer for your personal use. The easiest way to use it is to insert it into a word document to make a folded card or a post card/note card to announce your housewarming party or even a “We Have Moved” card.

Here’s one in a different configuration…feel free to snag this one as well.


If you’d like to make it in Picnik yourself, I did used the paid service this time, whereas the last two times I used Picnik (here and here) I used solely the free services. The trees and bird are “Premium” while the house is just made from basic shapes that are free. I bet you could make a tree using the free shapes, and there are also other bird shapes available for free. I think it was these pretty trees that finally made me break down and pay for their premium service and I’ve been having loads of fun since.

Okay, off to make my mom’s Mother’s Day present! I probably won’t get a chance to post it before I go to her house this weekend (poo!) but will show it to you next week. So if I don’t talk to you again til then, Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas, grandmas, step-mamas, aunties, and all other mama figures who enrich our lives!

When it comes to sending out invitations for a housewarming party or moving cards, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You might want to go the traditional route with a housewarming party invitation, or you might prefer something a little more unique and fun with a moving card! Let us know in the comments what kind of invitation or card you think would be the best fit for the occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a housewarming invitation?

Make a folded card or a post card/note card to announce your housewarming party, or even a “We Have Moved” card, by inserting it into a word document.

Who should be invited to a housewarming party?

People you’ve known for a long time and who are close to you. Guys you can count on in a pinch. People you know through shared interests.

What do you write in a housewarming invitation?

Welcome to our home! We hope you enjoy your stay and that you will come and visit often. In the meantime, we would be grateful if you would take a moment to write a review of our home on one of the major home-sharing platforms. Your feedback will help other visitors find and book our home faster and easier. Thank you for your time!

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