15 Sizzling Summer Nail Trends

Nail Trends
Nail Trends

Looking for some hot summer nail trends to rock this season? Look no further! From glitter to gradient, these nail designs are sure to make a statement. And don’t forget about the neon colors! Whether you’re going for a polished look or a more on-the-go vibe, these 15 trends will have you looking your best. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to rock the summer season in style!

15 Sizzling Summer Nail Trends

Here’s a great round up of 15 sizzling summer nail ideas for you try out.

1.) Here’s some really cute nautical nails by The Beauty Department.


2.) Cute chevron nails by Luster Lacquer.

gray chevron

3.) Another version of chevron nails with glitter by We Heart It.


4.) Sweet cherry nails by Social Bliss.  This site has a short video tutorial on how to create these.


5.) Love these braided nails by Pshiiit.

tribal nails

6.) Here are some fun tribal nails.

7.) Great looking mat gold and pink nails by Cult Cosmetics.

black and white polka

8.) Fun black and white polka dot nails by Lyndar the Merciless.


9.) Barely there gold manicure by Fab Fit Fun.

10.) Cute gingham accented nails by The Beauty Department.

11.) Loving the patriotic nails by Daily Something.

gold nails

12.) Awesome gold studded pink nails by Glamour.

13.) Love this Essie Mirror Metallic nails by Pshiiit.


14.) These would make great birthday nails by Sonailicious.


15.) Love these sunny bright yellow stripped and polka dot nails.

Hope your enjoying your summer and trying some of these great nail designs!

There you go! These are the top 15 sizzling summer nail trends to try out this season. If you love experimenting with colors and textures, then these trends are sure to keep you busy for a long time. And when it comes to designs, there’s no dearth of color options. So whether bold or delicate, be adventurous and pair your trendy nails with an elegant outfit. In case you have yet not come up with any new idea, we’ll also share some pro tips on how to get the best results when applying different trend-setting shades on your fingers this season ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular nail style?

With its natural shape preserved and a tiny extension past your nail bed, this straightforward shape is ideal for short nails (even nail biters!). Additionally, it’s the most common nail shape: According to Rose, the majority of women choose this traditional silhouette when they go to the salon.

What are the latest nail trends?

Nail trends come and go so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. However, some of the latest nail trends include stamping, dotting, jellypolish nails, neons, and glitters.
Stamping is a technique in which patterns are created using dots or stamps on your nails. Dots can be applied with a tool called an airbrush or sponge dauber; while stamps can be made by either dipping your fingernails into hot water and then pressing them onto paper or canvas. Dotting is done by painting small circles with different colors on top of one another; Jellypolish nails consist of shiny polish filled between layers of fake gel ; Neon polishes look like they’re emitting light when illuminated from underneath; Glitterart signifies an updated take on glittery manis that incorporates metallic flecks ; And lastly, French tips involve slightly rounded edges at the tip instead of square ones .
So whatever mood you’re in – whether you want something subtlety pretty or eye-catching – there’s bound to be a trend for you!

Which nail paint is in trend?

There are many nail paint trends that you can try out this year, but one of the most popular is neon pink and blue. This color combination is both trendy and cheerful, making it perfect for summertime festivities or other special occasions. Other popular colors include hot pink, purple, light green, gold glittering nails, and soft lavender.
To get the best results from your new nail paint trend, be sure to follow a few simple tips: stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before applying your paint; use primer beforehand if needed; apply at a moderate intensity rather than letting it be too intense; allow the polish to dry completely before removing with acetone or an oil-based remover; and avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails.
By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to achieve dazzlingly beautiful nails that look salon-grade without any pain or fuss!

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