Beautiful 30 Prom Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a new look for prom, these beautiful 30 prom hairstyles are sure to inspire you! From sleek and simple styles to elaborate updos, there’s something for everyone in this list. Whether you want a classic look or something a little more daring, these hairstyles are sure to make your night!

This post is for my friends daughter who is getting ready to go to prom.  I know young ladies are looking for the latest in hair styles, especially for a big event like prom.  So, for all of you out there who are getting ready for this big event, I hope you find a great hair style and have a wonderful time! :)

 30 Prom Hairstyles
Beautiful 30 Prom Hairstyles

Beautiful 30 Prom Hairstyles

1.) This is a beautiful hair style that is listed as a bridal hairstyle, but, this would be perfect for prom too.  At Long Hair Style How To’s.


2.)  A half up and half down hairstyle featured by Style Craze.


3.) A waterfall braid with a soft wave hair style from Long Hair Style How To’s


4.) Braids and a messy bun for a stunning look by Your Hair Style Ideas.


5.) A side French braid with a messy bun by The Beauty Thesis.


6.) A pretty and simple bun by Style Me Pretty.


7.) A beautiful take on a Dutch braid using a fish tail braid instead.


8.) A beautiful updo with criss cross pieces and pinned curls by Project Wedding.


8.) A simple chignon that is very soft looking by Hair and Make-Up By Steph.


9.) A great updo called a conch shell braid by Modern Salon.


10.) A half up and half down hair style with a beautiful clip by Petals By Xavi.


11.) Love the modern messy hair style with the braids and the head band by Fashion Gone Rogue.


12.) The dramatic bun for a sleek, polished look by Bridal Musings.


13.) A great updo if you have bangs with the braided crown by Kirsty.


14.) The princess braid updo by Ebeauty Blog.  This site also has a lot of other hair styles that you may want to check out as well.


15.) The low ponytail style with a wave is a real show stopper by Long Hair Styles How To’s.


16.) Here’s a great updo with a cascading ponytail by Hair and Makeup by Steph.


17.) The half up and half down with beautiful curls by Zaphron Prom.  This site also has lots of videos that show you how to do the hairstyles as well, if your good with your own hair.


18.) A pretty updo by Styles New.


19.) A gorgeous side bun by XC Sunny Hair.

whimsical wedding bliss

20.)  I love the beautiful soft waves by For Your Happily Ever After.


21.) Another beautiful updo with rhinestone pins by Zimbio.


22.) Great updo with side curly tendril by Zimbio.


23.) Curly updo with two side tendrils by Wedding Cakes.


24.) Beautiful side bun by Wedding Cakes.


25.) Here’s a very fancy bun that incorporates pinned curls, braids, rhinestones, and a clip in the front by Zimbio.


25.) A French twist hairstyle with rhinestones and flowers by Hair Cut Style.


26.) Another side bun with a variation of a French braid.  So pretty and unique by Elleuk.


27.) Can’t forget the classic high ponytail with waves by Liz Fields.


28.) I love this high messy bun with the bows by Everything Fab.

braided reverse ponytail hairstyle hero web

29.) Beautiful updo with a reverse French braid or Dutch braid by Chelsea Belle Bryant.


30.) A twist on the classic Chignon by Bridal Musings.

I hope ladies you have found some great hair styles for prom !  I tried to make sure that all of the images were linked to sites that had additional hairstyles or were at least linked to a site instead of just a picture.  I also wanted you to be able to view as many hair styles at once without going to to many sites and having to take too much time because I know you have a lot to do before your big night!

Here we are! We have listed the top 30 prom hairstyles that you can use in your special night. Not only will these styles make you look stunning, but they also the latest trends.

We hope this post has given you a better idea about what hairstyle to go for for your prom now that the season is upon us. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hairstyle for prom?

1. Bouffant ponytail. Choose a bubble ponytail for an easy hairdo that will go well with more dramatic makeup.
2. Spiral curls, a messy braided bun, etc.
3. Fishtail Braid
4. a puff ponytail
5. Fishtail Braid Updo Tucked.
6. Bun with crystal embellishments.

Which hairstyle is best for party?

1. Straight back party hairdo with layers.
2. Haircut for a short party.
3. with hairpins, short party hairstyle.
4. a short party haircut with a turban.
5. Short party haircut with a low ponytail.
6. Short party hair with a half-tie.
7. Party hairstyle with braided hair that is short.

When should I do my hair for prom?

You shouldn’t style your hair that much in advance of prom, unless you want to add waves the night before by sleeping with braids in. It’s important to do your hair at least 5 hours before prom if you want it to look as fresh as possible.

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